Jan 032016

APS 1/16

It is that time again! The Lilly After Party Sale starts at 8am tomorrow (Monday, January 4, 2016). This is the perfect time to stock up on Lilly, grab some pieces you missed out on during the year, and maybe even find some holy grail pieces hiding! Here are some tips for shopping the sale:

  1. Create an account and update any billing or shipping info BEFOREHAND. Like now. You won’t have time tomorrow.
  2. Log in early to secure a place in the virtual line.
  3. The site will probably crash. It almost always does. Be patient; it is always worth it.
  4. If the site does crash, check Lilly’s facebook page and twitter for updates. They are very good about keeping everyone apprised of the situation.
  5. Check out quickly, because just having something in your tote does not reserve it for you. Things will disappear from your bag as they sell out.
  6. HOWEVER, keep in mind that as soon as you check out, you go to the end of the line again.
  7. Shipping is free though, so multiple checkouts do not cost you anything extra.
  8. Holy Grails have been known to pop in randomly (I spotted a YGR maxi dress once when they were going for $300+ on ebay)
  9. Look at unique items, like GWPs in the accessory section. I always find cool stuff there.
  10. Don’t forget about Lilly stores! The sale prices are good in-store too. If you can’t visit in person, call or shop online. They typically (but not always) offer free shipping too.

But most of all, HAVE FUN! It’s Lilly, after all. It isn’t supposed to be stressful.

Good luck!

Apr 012015

I recently received my second Rocksbox, once again jam-packed with cute jewelry. This box contained a gold and turquoise House of Harlow necklace (which is a super cute line by Nicole Richie), a Sophie Harper bracelet with a tiny, delicate pave infinity symbol, and Loren Hope stud earrings.

The necklace has a definite tribal flair, with alternating gold and turquoise spikes. It is called a “collar necklace” because it lies flat and close to your collarbone.

The Sophie Harper bracelet is so pretty. It is delicate and dainty, just a fine gold chain, with little infinity symbol. It looks great stacked with other small bracelets or a watch. It is available exclusively through Rocksbox.

The Loren Hope studs are perfect if you want some sparkle without wearing dangly earrings. They have round center stones, surrounded by a halo of smaller clear stones. Very pretty!

Sign up today using code “clothescupcakesxoxo” and receive your first month free!


Mar 052015

I recently signed up for Rocksbox, a monthly subscription box, for jewelry. If you follow my blog, you know I have become fascinated with ALL monthly boxes and have subscribed to several different beauty boxes. Rocksbox is a great fit for me because I love jewelry and when someone else is selecting the items, I get things I wouldn’t normally choose on my own! Sometimes a little outside perspective can be a great thing and help you get out of your comfort zone a little.

When you first sign up for Rocksbox , you take a “style quiz” to help determine what kind of pieces you would be most happy with. It first asks you what your comfort level with jewelry is: beginner, confident, or aficionado. I chose aficionado, because I wear multiple pieces of jewelry daily.

Next, it asks when you wear jewelry: weekend, at the office, night out, or special occasion. Helpful photographs accompany each option, showing what kind of occasion they are referring to. After that, they show you multiple outfits and you select which ones you would be comfortable wearing.

The next question asks what type of jewelry you wear. I think this is really important. You can choose from necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings {or all}! I love earrings, but am picky, and I wear bracelets frequently, but again, am picky, because I work on a computer all day and don’t like them clanging against my desk as I work. This allows you to focus in on the types of jewelry you would like to receive.

You then see 8 necklaces and choose which ones you would wear, then the same with 8 bracelets, then 4 sets of earrings and 4 rings. It is a quick way to get a good look at your style and the kind of pieces that you normally gravitate to. You also have the opportunity to tell them if you prefer dainty or more chunky pieces, and what your metal color preferences are.

Last, you give them the nitty gritty details- what size ring you wear, if you prefer studs or dangly earrings, and if you have any metal allergies. After that you’re done! A stylist starts putting together a box for you when your quiz is complete. You can also add items to your Wish List to help guide the stylists.

I was smitten as soon as I opened my first box. I am a sucker for cute packaging, and they’ve got it. Your jewelry comes in a padded envelope, but is in a small box tied with ribbon inside the envelope.


There is a card on top and everything is wrapped in chevron tissue paper with a tiny Rocksbox seal. Adorable.



All the pieces are individually wrapped in bubble wrap and stored in small mesh bags with drawstrings. Very cute, and keeps things from getting tangled.


As soon as I opened the individual bags, I was smitten with the contents. I received a Perry Street statement necklace, Perry Street statement earrings {is that a thing? I feel like they make a statement}, and a Gorjana “Honeycomb” bracelet. The necklace and earrings are bold and blingy, and the bracelet is so delicate and lovely.


I wore my Perry Street necklace to work today and wanted to wear the earrings as well, but I thought it might be a little too much bling! They will be perfect for a date night this weekend though.


If you want to try Rocksbox as well, they are offering my followers the first month free with code “clothescupcakesxoxo” How fun is that?! Sign up today! ♥


Feb 142015

Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite holiday. Pink, red, hearts, lace, chocolate, love, flowers…seriously, why would it not be my favorite?

Below are several outfits I wore this Valentine season, for several different occasions. Hope you are inspired by them to put together some love-themed outfits of your own!

Preppy Valentine


White tag Lilly corduroy pants with hot pink hearts all over, a Lilly polo, and a Lands End cashmere sweater make this a perfectly modest and work-appropriate Valentine’s Day outfit. I paired this with hot pink Cole Haan loafers and a hot pink Kate Spade bag and wore this outfit to work the Friday before Valentine’s Day.

Casual Valentine


I wore a dressed up version of this to work on the Thursday before Valentine’s Day. Just swap out the jeans for trousers and the boots for ballet flats, and add a fun necklace. With jeans and boots, however, it is a cute and slightly edgy look for running around town or if you have laid-back Valentine’s plans.

Daytime Valentine


I wore this to go out to lunch with my sweetheart and to run errands on Valentine’s day morning/afternoon. It is simple- a Lilly lip top, pink J. Crew cardigan, skinny Lucky jeans, and the same pink Cole Haan loafers I wore with the Lilly pants. Simple, valentine-y and cute, but very comfortable.

The Red and Black Valentine


My look for our Valentine’s dinner date. My black and white fit-and-flare dress is from the clearance rack at Target, the red bow belt was a  left over from a Minnie Mouse costume of years past, and a red J. Crew cardigan kept the chills away. My red patent leather wedges are Cole Haan.


A black/white/red/pink Valentine’s Day scarf tied everything together. My pink ruffled coat was a Christmas gift from my mother and I have been dying for an occasion to wear it. This one seemed perfect.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I hope you had a wonderful day. Did you have any special plans with your friends, family, or honey?

Feb 132015


Clemson’s football stadium is a magical place. There are no two ways about it. It just is. The energy, the atmosphere, the balloons, the fireworks, the noise…it will suck you in and make you a fan the first game you attend there. Although it is a lot smaller than my home stadium, it still has a very special place in my heart.

Because my fiance went to Clemson, and because we spend our entire fall there, I want to have a quick, cute engagement session done in the stadium. I have seen photos all over Pinterest of the adorable sessions done inside Death Valley, Clemson’s football stadium. Even though they won’t be our primary engagement photos that we use, I just really want us to have them since Clemson is such a big part of our life. We intended to have some done last football season, but those weekends are always a blur. We plan to return to Clemson this spring and have a session there.

Seriously…just google “Clemson engagement photos” and you will fall in love (I don’t want to repost any here because of potential copyright issues with the photographers…even though they’re all over the internet already).

I think I will wear a flouncy white dress (I have to milk the bride thing as much as I can) and a purple or orange belt, with these amazing Clemson accessories, to tie the theme all together.

Clemson Stadium Collage

Dress: Nordstrom

Wedges: Lillybee (Use code “KM14” at checkout!)

Clemson pearl jewelry: Pearls for Purpose

Jan 062015

Though the Lilly Pulitzer January After-Party sale continues until midnight, I am finished shopping. I made my initial purchases, and have not bought anything else since yesterday morning. The daily flash sales have not tempted me.

As I said in my summer After-Party sale post, I let myself go a little crazy during the sales, because I work in an environment that allows me to wear Lilly on a regular basis. Work clothes for the year for 70% off (or more!) is definitely a reason to splurge!

I had a few things I wanted for certain, picked up a couple of other “maybes” and bought a few random things I was not expecting to find. I always have better luck at the summer sale because the more vibrant summer colors speak to me! Even Lilly tones it down a tiny bit for fall and winter collections.

This is what I wound up purchasing:


Top row: Beckett dress in Ariel Blue, peacock belt, peacock earrings (all three impulse buys), Terry shift, Eaton Shift

Bottom row: “Oh Shift” Intarsia sweater, “K” Intarsia sweater, Darling necklace, Christmas ornament, and “Cancer” Horoscopes Murfee

My only “must haves” were the Terry shift and the Cancer Murfee scarf. I had wanted both for a long time, but didn’t consider either to be practical enough for every day use or absolutely critical that I had to get them right away. I was pleased to see they were both deeply discounted in the sale.

The sweaters and Eaton shift were some of my “maybes.” The Beckett and peacock pieces were totally random impulse buys, but they all looked SO good together that I couldn’t resist snatching them up!

If you haven’t made any purchases yet, you still have the rest of the day to hit up the sale! Happy shopping!


Jan 052015


It is the second-most wonderful time of the year: The January After-Party Sale. Though not typically as glorious as the Summer After-Party Sale, there are still great items to snatch up in the January Sale. Some great prints to look out for in this sale are:

Bright Navy Entourage, Shake Your Tailfeather, Electric Feel, and Sea and Be Seen.

Lilly prints

I was excited to see the horoscope scarves be included, several jewelry items I had been eyeing, and of course, cute shift dresses!

Happy Shopping, ladies!


Dec 272014

After Christmas sales are perfect for picking up great deals. They’re especially good if you have been looking at something for yourself– maybe you didn’t get exactly what you wanted for the holidays, or maybe you put off buying something for yourself because you had so many other people to shop for. The discounts of after-holiday sales make buying for yourself totally guilt-free!

Shop Football Tees is currently having an after-Christmas sale offering 40% off sitewide! I took this opportunity to order my own SFT branded tiger tee in gray and purple {I had been wearing my fiancés and he was getting tired of sharing!} and one of the adorable Christmas baseball sleeve tees.


If you have been debating anything from Shop Football Tees, like the Mint Julep tee or maybe the Dixie Dukes seersucker shorts, now is a great time to buy!

day drinking


Use code “SFTAFTER” at checkout!

Happy Shopping!



Dec 012014

It’s that time again! Today is the 3rd Annual KMSS Cyber Monday Sale and there are some seriously good deals going on today!Cyber Monday



You definitely have to pick up a shot glass and a cookie cutter before checking out because they are buy one, get one free! Great stocking stuffers!

All sorority tanks are on sale, and each sorority purchase comes with a free pair of freshwater pearl earrings! I have these earrings and they are the perfect accessory to go with any outfit.


There is also a super cute bundle: this “Recruitment is My Cardio” tank and matching water bottle for just $30! Perfect gift for a sister!


If you’re a bride-to-be like me, or have a girlfriend getting married soon, you should take this opportunity to order some “Wedding Belles” tanks!


Additionally, JUST from 5-6pm today, KMSS is having a “Happy Hour” sale, with even more specials, and  a free koozie with each purchase! This is a great time to get one of the fall/winter long sleeved tees at a great price! AND, everyone’s favorite state bangles will be debuting in GOLD!


Take advantage of all these great pre-Christmas sales, and get an additional discount for using code:


at checkout!

Happy Shopping! ♥


Nov 222014

Gameday Wedding

Who gets married on a Saturday in the fall?! Especially at this critical point of football season. Clearly not someone who follows college football.  Unfortunately, we are attending a wedding instead of a tailgate party today, although I would much rather be at a football game.

I’m sure we will spend the reception crowded around a tv with other wedding guests who would rather be in a stadium.

For the wedding, I chose to “show my stripes” and wear my Lillybee Clemson gameday flats, while my fiance wore his Clemson striped tie (similar). I have shoved my Southern Proper “Game Day” koozie into my tiny clutch, hoping there is beer at the reception.

Have a wonderful Saturday, and Go Tigers!

Use code “KM14” at Lillybee checkout!