Jul 092016

I just ended a whirlwind six weeks of travel. Six weeks is a long time to be on the road. I was home for 1-2 days between each trip, just long enough to drop off one suitcase and grab another. 

If I didn’t love my job, it would SO not be worth it. But I do love my job. And I love coming home. Even when it’s just for one day, the feeling I get when I board that last leg of the flight is incredible. Like my heart is doing a happy dance. 

Someone asked me recently what the best part of being home is. Obviously, my family and friends are the best part. Sleeping in my bed, on my sheets, is good too. And coffee. I miss drinking coffee that I’ve made, out of a ceramic coffee cup, at my house. 

So today, I am a happy camper. Happy to be home, drinking my coffee slowly, out of a real cup, instead of out of a paper Starbucks cup, while racing through the airport. 

Shirt by one of my favorite companies, SFT ❤️

Sep 242014


The Clemson vs. South Carolina State game this year was the first home game for Clemson, and man, it was a scorcher. A noon kickoff for the first few games of the season is a horrible idea (you hearing me, football powers that be?).

We ate breakfast at the house on Saturday morning and went to a friend’s tailgate instead of setting up our own, since the game was so early. We melted. We stayed strong until halftime and then came out to the tailgate tents and sat in the shade, in front of a fan. We watched the remainder of the game on a TV in the bed of the truck and if you saw the game, you know we didn’t miss much by not being in there. Clemson defeated SC State 73-7!!

After helping tear down and pack up the tailgate, we loaded up and went to a bar to cool off and eat dinner. We actually had pizza delivered to our favorite bar in town (genius idea, whoever thought of it) and relaxed in the air conditioning before heading home and calling it an early night.

Here are a few photos from gameday!






Can’t wait to go back to Clemson this weekend! ♥

Sep 082014


Six months ago, I made my first “big girl” purchase– I traded in my Volvo S40, that had seen better days, for a sleek, shiny S60 T6. This was a huge deal for me and very emotional. I had the S40 for, well, ever. I took my driver’s license test on it. I drove it to high school. I packed it to the gills and drove it to the University of Tennessee when I started college.

I couldn’t bear the thought of getting rid of my S40, but I drive over 100 miles a day to and from work, so I couldn’t feasibly keep it much longer. The timing belt went out, and I had it replaced, but soon after, the transmission started failing (luckily Volvos warn you ahead of time on things like that, so there are no surprises). After 200,000 miles, it was time to say goodbye.

I picked out my new S60 and had it brought to our dealership from North Carolina. I cried the whole way there because I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye to the S40. We took a few photos of me with the S40 and some of me with both cars, and then the salesman took the S40 away.

I can honestly say I have not shed a single tear over the S40 since then. The S60 is a dream. It is beautiful, fast, reliable, and handles well.

It has such luxurious features compared to my old car that I hardly notice the 100 miles a day I spend in it.

I was going to get something cool and car related to commemorate our first six months together, but unfortunately, a few days ago, I was run off the road and into a pothole, puncturing a tire, SO it got a new set of tires instead! Hopefully I can think of something better to get for for our year anniversary.

We drove it to South Carolina for the first time this weekend and are proudly flying our Clemson flags from it.

We had the S40 for 13 years. I hope we have the S60 for 12.5 more ♥

Sep 032014

photo (2)photo 1

We traveled to Athens, Georgia last weekend to watch our beloved Clemson Tigers take on the University of Georgia Bulldogs. We left Friday after work (our office closes early the business day before a holiday 🙂 ) after battling a few packing related crises. Athens is approximately five hours away by car, including some Atlanta rush hour traffic we ran in to.

There is not much in Athens, except for the university. It is definitely a college town. It has a ton of bars and restaurants, but otherwise…not a ton.

We went to a very yummy Mexican restaurant called Agua Linda on Friday night. They had great food and drink specials on weekends, which is unheard of where I live. We drank a few pitchers of margaritas with our dinner and called it a night since it had been a long day.

We woke up and ate Dunkin Donuts (yessss) before heading out to our tailgate spots. Since Clemson is so close to UGA, a ton of fans made it down for the game. There were over fifty Clemson fans, just at our tailgate!

photo 2

It was extremely hot. Painfully hot. Excruciatingly hot. There was no getting away from it, either. We had three pop-up tents, and while they offered shade from the direct sun, they also seemed to trap heat under them, perhaps making it worse. I was a sweaty mess within minutes.


Cute outfit, before I got gross.

The seats they allotted for Clemson fans in the stadium were waaaay high up. Not even the upper deck. We were on like a ledge jutting out from the upper deck. So, we could see the entire field! And the entire town of Athens.

photo 3

The game was at 5:30, so it stayed hot for several hours after we got into the stadium. The Tigers started off strong, but weakened after the first half and were completely dominated by the Dawgs in the fourth quarter and ultimately lost 21-45. Sad and defeated, we left the stadium and packed up the tailgate.

The next morning, we packed up again and headed home quite leisurely. We stopped at the most incredible liquor store we have ever encountered. Turtle Creek had the largest selection of craft beer and microbrews we had ever seen. We love beer and especially odd, specialty beers. We got eight six-packs and got two growlers filled in their growler station. One was a clementine witbier and one was the Golden Monkey tripel (9.5% abv!!!). Oh, and this was on a Sunday. Georgia liquor laws rock!

photo 4


After one final stop in Atlanta for lunch with friends, we went back home.

My alma mater, Tennessee, took on Utah State on Sunday evening in Knoxville, and beat them in a decisive fashion, 38-7. It was a really great start to our season and I hope we can keep the momentum going. Tennessee has historically been an SEC powerhouse, but has struggled the last few years, primarily because of coaching issues and turnover. It’s hard to get in the flow of things as a team when there is a new coach every season or two.


We had Monday off work, so I brunched with some of my friends who were in town and then we went out on the lake. It was a lovely weekend and has made coming back to work this week even harder than normal 🙂

photo 5

Hope y’all had an awesome Labor Day weekend!


Aug 272014

For my 25th birthday in June, my then-boyfriend arranged for us to go on a trip to Boston. If you have read my previous post, we have not broken up– we got engaged. It was a wonderful birthday gift and he did an incredible job planning the whole thing. He asked my manager if I could have time off, booked our plane tickets and hotel reservations, and got Red Sox and Katy Perry concert tickets, all behind my back!

On Friday, we went to work like normal, but left a tad early in order to get to the airport and get our trip started. We got to Boston around 11pm and went straight to the hotel. If you travel a fair amount, or even if it is just occasionally, I cannot stress the importance of joining a hotel loyalty program. We are Hilton HHonors members and the benefits are fantastic.


We stayed at the Hilton Boston Back Bay, a beautiful and centrally located hotel. We were on the HHonors floor, which was the 22nd floor, so we had a nice view. Annnd, they had a diamond lounge, so we had 24 hour a day complimentary food and drinks, which is more where my interest lies.


We woke up fairly early the next morning and ate breakfast and headed over to the Sam Adams Brewery for a tour. Talk about fun. The first tour starts at 9:45 am on Saturday and they run every 15 minutes after that. We didn’t quite get in the first run because there was a line to get in, so we went in with the 10 am tour. It was very fun and informative annnd there was free beer.

Sam Outside

Barrel room

After the tour and some commemorative shopping in the Sam Adams gift shop, we rode the Party Trolley to Doyle’s, which is the first place to ever sell Sam Adams beer. This turned out to be one of our better choices on the trip. The party trolley was free, and ridiculously fun. Our driver, Jason, was a blast.

party trolley


He told us he also did “drinking historical tours” on Saturdays. He dropped us off at Doyle’s and we ate lunch and had a few more beers, and then the trolley came back to pick us up. We went to our hotel and got ready for the Katy Perry concert, went back to Doyle’s and boarded the trolley for the drinking historical tour. First stop? Liquor store.



(koozie from KMSS)

Jason did a great job at the historical tour as well, he was very laid back and fun, but obviously knew a ton about Boston and was eager to share that with everyone. He made special stops to let people off wherever they wanted to go, so he dropped us off at the TD Garden for the concert. We had some time to kill before it started, so we went to a bar across the street and drank for a little while longer.

I don’t know how or where to start with the concert. Ferras was the first act to come out, then Capital Cities. Finally, the Queen. Katy Perry puts on an incredible show. It is as much theatrical as it is musical, and complete sensory overload. She came out and opened with “Roar,” which really lit the crowd up. Some highlights were:

  • Juicy J appearing on screen during “Dark Horse” and his face/head (rapping and wearing a pharaoh mask) being about 40 feet tall
  • Katy and all her dancers dressing like cats and even playing with cat toys and scratching posts
  • During “Birthday,”  thousands of balloons fell from the rafters and Katy herself flew around the arena with balloons


KP w balloons

Even my better half thought it was one of the best shows we’ve been to. She is a true entertainer.

We left the show and it was pretty late so we headed back to the hotel. While walking past the beautiful Church of Christ, Scientist church and reflecting pool, he proposed. That story is told in another post 🙂 what a day.

Mother Church


The next day was slow. We slept in a little, told our families we were engaged, went to Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer (my choice) and Fogo de Chao (his choice) before heading over to Fenway to watch the Sox unfortunately get defeated by the Yankees.

Kate Spade



Fenway (2)

We flew to DC the next morning and spent a day with Mr’s grandmother, who is 92 and precious and too excited about our engagement. It was a pretty day to sit at the Chart House in Alexandria and have a few drinks and tell her all about our trip.


Blood and Sand

In reflecting back on this trip, I cannot believe how perfect it was. I know I missed a ton of stuff, but it is too overwhelming to try to cover all of it. And I came back a Mrs. In Training!

Thank you honey, for making my dreams come true every day ♥