Oct 132014

Y’all wanna know where I’ve been the last couple of weeks? Sitting at the sewing machine. I have barely moved from my sewing table. I go to work for ten-ish hours, come home, eat dinner, and sew until I go to bed. It’s craziness.

I have made birthday gifts, personal things, baby shower gifts, thinking of you gifts, and shirts for all the people who stay with us at our house in Clemson.

Here are some pictures of what I have been up to.

I’m ready for a break.




Jun 182014

For a long time now, I had been seeing adorable burlap wreaths online. After pinning several on Pinterest, I finally decided to buy some supplies and try to make one.

I read the directions and tutorials people had posted, but ultimately decided to branch off on my own with no real idea of what I was setting out to make (typical of my life).

I ordered a wire wreath frame for cheap from Amazon and got some rolls of burlap ribbon and some wired gingham ribbon in Clemson colors from our local Hobby Lobby (keep an eye on their sales– they frequently have these items for 50% off).

I played around with all the different ways to get the burlap on the frame– the loop or bubble method seems to be one of the most popular ways, but since I sew, I just ran a gathering stitch along the length of the burlap. For those of you who do not sew, a gathering stitch can be done by hand or on a machine, and all it is is a long stitch. When finished, you hold on to one of the threads used to create the stitch and pull and scrunch the fabric, creating a gathered look. The above link goes into much more detail.

photo 2 (1)

After I ran the gathering stitch, I scrunched, scrunched, scrunched. This is a good activity to do while you do something else, like watch tv, because it is mindless and can be time consuming depending on how much you are doing. I used a 5 yard roll of burlap to make this, so it did take a little while.

After it was all scrunched, I laid it around the wreath frame and arranged it to my liking and then pinned it on the frame to see how it would look.

photo 1 (1)

Because I had used straight pins to secure it to the frame, when I was pleased with it, I simply flipped the whole thing over and hot glued it from the back side.

By this point, I was getting kind of burned out on the craftiness and couldn’t think of what I should do with the purple and orange gingham, so I just made a big bow. Any ideas of what I should do? I can still make changes or add on to it.

photo (3)

Apr 182014

As y’all know, we are just three short days from Easter! And if you’re from the South, you know that Easter is a big deal for your entire life, not just when you’re young and get to go out and hunt for eggs filled with candy and money. As an adult, Easter means church extra early on Easter Sunday. As a Southern female, it means cooking for a crowd that will descend on your house for brunch, lunch or dinner. The whole family gets together for an elaborate meal.

Even though there are no young children in our family and  no egg hunts or anything of the sort, I just can’t give up some traditions. This year, I pulled out my old pink Easter basket with a multicolored cloth lining and monogrammed it! It was hard to pick a color for the monogram since the liner had so many wild colors! I have had mine for awhile, but this one at Target is kind of similar!  I also picked up these F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S glitter eggs also at Target, of course! They’re just $5 for a pack of 8! I may have to get another pack in the after-Easter sale if they still have them.



Do you have any specific Easter traditions? How is Easter different for you now than it was when you were growing up?