Apr 292014

Hey everyone! Looks like I haven’t posted in six whole days {gasp}. Sorry about that! Life has been getting in the way of a lot of things lately. You can find me on instagram or twitter just about any time though 🙂 it is way easier to keep up with those on my phone during the work day. I’m a bad employee, I know. This is our really busy season at work, so it seems like I work like crazy all day and then just want to go home and fall over.

Another thing I do at work that I shouldn’t do is SHOP ONLINE. I have gotten some ridiculous deals lately! I recently discovered Living Social {I live under a rock} and have purchased Neiman Marcus Last Call vouchers that allowed me to buy my beloved Jack Rogers sandals for almost nothing. How? Well, Last Call is having a massive sale, and Living Social is featuring a $50 Last Call voucher for $25. With a Mother’s Day coupon that took 25% off, the cost of the voucher was only $18.75.

Most of the Jacks were on sale for $59.40, and after applying the voucher, I was left with just $9.40. For real. I have put screenshots of my receipt below for all you doubters, as well as pictures of the ones I picked out 🙂 I wish I had known about this sale sooner, because several colors I would have purchased were already sold out in my size. Problems of wearing the most common shoe size… they do still have a ton of styles and colors left though! Might be worth checking out!

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1


I also found a killer Living Social deal for cut out monogrammed necklaces. If you have ever looked at these, you know they are around $100 OR MORE. This deal lets you buy a voucher for $39 that covers the entire cost of the necklace AND SHIPPING. You can choose between silver, yellow gold, or rose gold. This deal is still going on, but not for much longer, so if you want one, you should snag one! Clicking the picture below takes you to the deal. I admit, I caved and ordered one in both sterling silver and yellow gold. I feel like something like this never goes out of style.


Other than working and shopping at work, not a whole lot has been going on in the last week. Our whole region is having some very scary weather right now {hello, tornado watches/warnings/actual tornadoes}, so that has been stressful. We are talking a little more severe than April showers over here!


Mr. is away at a conference right now and when he returns, we will have one day together before I leave for a conference. I guess this how adult life goes!

I haven’t baked much lately and have only sewn a few things. I made these scarves and kitchen towel for sweet Mally over at Crafty Mally. If you haven’t checked out her site, you really need to. She is a doll and always has awesome craft projects/recipes/tips on her blog.

photo 1


I have monogrammed a few things for myself and made a skirt randomly one night but I really just haven’t had too much time for sewing lately!

photo 3

PFG Fishing shirt and Lilly scarf.

photo 5

Marmot rain jacket.

And lastly, I got a Clothes and Cupcakes stamp from Paper Source, so I have been going stamp crazy lately! I love Paper Source so much it is ridiculous. I hate that I don’t live anywhere near one.

photo 2

Hope everyone else is having a fabulous week! I’ll try to do better with my posts in the future!

Apr 202014

I love Easter, and dressing for Easter. I go to a traditional Presbyterian church and being in the South, we definitely pull out the colorful dresses for this wonderful day. I was going to wear my Lilly Pulitzer Lacina dress in “Nibbles,” a colorful, carrot print dress. What better dress could there be for Easter?

photo 2(2)

Oh, that’s right. An “Eggstravaganza” dress, featuring kangaroos, holding Easter baskets, with bunnies in their pouches. That would be a better Easter dress.

photo 3(3)

Here were my two options side-by-side:

photo 1(2)

So, I went with the Eggstravaganza shift. I paired it with a monogrammed pink clutch, pink and white Jack Rogers, and a pink statement necklace. Other than that, I just wore pearl studs and a simple pearl bracelet.





Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Apr 082014

You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” Well, I could do without the flowers if it meant skipping all the showers. I love flowers, but man, I hate rain. I hate how everytime the temperature starts to go up and it starts to  feel like spring outside, the rain comes and drops that temperature right back to near freezing. I’m ready to wear skirts and dresses every day again!

The only (and I mean only) good part about the rain is that I get to bust out all my cute rain gear. I LOVE duck boots. I recently got these black Chooka duck skimmers from Costco, of all places! And they were only $19! I like them better for drizzly days, when it is just raining a little. They are way more comfortable to wear all day and look cute for work, almost like little ballet slippers.

photo 3(2)

The ones on the right I have had FOREVER. They are the traditional L.L. BeanBean Boots,” and you can tell, mine are ancient! They went all through high school and college with me and I still wear them! They are navy , but it is hard to tell in this photo.

Duck Boots

And I love regular rain boots. I have two pairs with my initials on them and I get them out on those really sloppy days. Yesterday was one of those days. Nothing like a little ORANGE to brighten up a gray Monday! The pink boots are from Target a few years ago and the orange ones are Chookas I scored on Rue La La. (If you want a Rue invite, just leave your email address in the comments below, and I’ll send you an invite!) I just ordered vinyl monogram stickers from Etsy and stuck them on the boots. Boom!

photo 1(1)

Happy Tuesday, y’all 🙂 hope it is drier where you are!

Apr 022014

Hi, and welcome to Clothes and Cupcakes! I am a 25 year old spitfire Southern brunette who has a passion for everything prissy! I work a “real” day job but I design and sew clothing and do monogramming and embroidery as well, in addition to photography and baking every chance I get!

If I am not doing any of the above, you can probably find me with my friends and family, loving on my man and our Maltipoo, attempting to run, or drinking a glass of wine on our deck!

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