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Veteran’s Day is one of the most important holidays we celebrate all year. How do you properly thank the people that have risked their lives to ensure that you continue to enjoy freedom at home? How do you show appreciation for something you cannot fathom? I don’t know. I come from a military family and I often feel that any words of gratitude I could possibly say would pale in comparison the sacrifices they make.

To my grandfathers, big brother, father-in-law, best friend/college roommate/mother of my godson, my uncles, cousins, countless friends and coworkers, and to every service person I do not know, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I enjoyed reading “The History and Meaning of Veteran’s Day” by Christian Millord this morning, this excerpt in particular:

“Today, Veterans Day is designated to commemorate all living and deceased veterans who heeded the call of duty. That would include those missing in action, our wounded warriors, former prisoners of war and millions of veterans who have served both in war and peace.

When recruits enter the Armed Forces, they are aware that they could be thrust into harm’s way. Who are these men and women? They are ordinary individuals who sometimes make great sacrifices and endure extraordinary challenges. What higher commitment is there than to place one’s life on the line for humanity?

Our veterans are stationed around the globe, providing disaster relief, defending democratic institutions, fighting ISIS and enhancing security in Afghanistan. On this day, and every day, let us be thankful for their service and pray for their safety and eventual return home.

Our veterans know that natural freedom is an ideal worth defending because there will always be terrorists and tyrants who hope to undermine liberty, progress and security. By honoring our veterans, we show gratitude for their devotion to human dignity and freedom. Through their selfless service, we might better understand responsible liberty and be inspired to lead better lives.”

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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