Jul 092016

I just ended a whirlwind six weeks of travel. Six weeks is a long time to be on the road. I was home for 1-2 days between each trip, just long enough to drop off one suitcase and grab another. 

If I didn’t love my job, it would SO not be worth it. But I do love my job. And I love coming home. Even when it’s just for one day, the feeling I get when I board that last leg of the flight is incredible. Like my heart is doing a happy dance. 

Someone asked me recently what the best part of being home is. Obviously, my family and friends are the best part. Sleeping in my bed, on my sheets, is good too. And coffee. I miss drinking coffee that I’ve made, out of a ceramic coffee cup, at my house. 

So today, I am a happy camper. Happy to be home, drinking my coffee slowly, out of a real cup, instead of out of a paper Starbucks cup, while racing through the airport. 

Shirt by one of my favorite companies, SFT ❤️

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