Jan 032016

APS 1/16

It is that time again! The Lilly After Party Sale starts at 8am tomorrow (Monday, January 4, 2016). This is the perfect time to stock up on Lilly, grab some pieces you missed out on during the year, and maybe even find some holy grail pieces hiding! Here are some tips for shopping the sale:

  1. Create an account and update any billing or shipping info BEFOREHAND. Like now. You won’t have time tomorrow.
  2. Log in early to secure a place in the virtual line.
  3. The site will probably crash. It almost always does. Be patient; it is always worth it.
  4. If the site does crash, check Lilly’s facebook page and twitter for updates. They are very good about keeping everyone apprised of the situation.
  5. Check out quickly, because just having something in your tote does not reserve it for you. Things will disappear from your bag as they sell out.
  6. HOWEVER, keep in mind that as soon as you check out, you go to the end of the line again.
  7. Shipping is free though, so multiple checkouts do not cost you anything extra.
  8. Holy Grails have been known to pop in randomly (I spotted a YGR maxi dress once when they were going for $300+ on ebay)
  9. Look at unique items, like GWPs in the accessory section. I always find cool stuff there.
  10. Don’t forget about Lilly stores! The sale prices are good in-store too. If you can’t visit in person, call or shop online. They typically (but not always) offer free shipping too.

But most of all, HAVE FUN! It’s Lilly, after all. It isn’t supposed to be stressful.

Good luck!

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